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As staffing needs shift within your organization, you may not have time to implement advanced configurations or learn additional functions in VSys, or maybe you just need someone with experience both as a volunteer manager and a VSys administrator. With SmartHands, you have direct access to VSys's team of experienced volunteer managers who understand what you do and can act as an extension of your own hands. Our volunteer managers understand not only the world of volunteering but also are experts with VSys (or can pull in the right expert from our team).

SmartHands provides custom resources to help reduce the workload on your staff by having the VSys team to tackle tasks, such as:

  • Building notifications for volunteers and staff, for example reminders on expiring certifications, documents, trainings; self-assigned/cancelled shifts, new applications, status changes; and birthday/anniversary messages.
  • Designing and updating VSys Live applications.
  • Configuring eligibility checklists.
  • Setting up tool profiles and security for your staff.
  • Creating or updating scheduled and automated reports, for example calendars to be sent out to supervisors, list of volunteers for OIG monthly checks, onboarding or compliance tracking.
  • Creating surveys to monitor volunteer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Building out metrics (custom fields and/or accounts) to track volunteer activities and impact.
  • Updating VSys Live visibility rules, features and/or action links.
  • Building digital third-party input processes, for example character reference checks, parent consents.

SmartHands is currently only available only to VSys hosted clients (so we can access your system independently).

  • These hours are tracked in 15-minute increments and do not expire.
  • Additional hours may be purchased in 24-hour blocks.
  • SmartHands does not include development of new software features or functions, for example new product implementation or integrations with other systems).

VSys Responsibilities

  • Log and track all requests.
  • Host discovery sessions to gather needs from client, as needed.
  • Provide timeline estimates for all requests.
  • Work through request details, make system configuration changes, test results as needed.
  • If applicable, deploy changes to test instances. Deploy changes to production pending your approval.
  • Send weekly reports on hours used. Inform client when remaining hours fall below 5 hours or upon request.

Client Responsibilities

  • Create tickets/requests for enhancements through approved channels.
  • Attend discovery sessions and provide input and feedback for desired configurations. Your input is key in making sure the solution meets your specific requirements!
  • Test, review and approve requested changes in production/development environment.
  • Provide final signoff on all enhancements when deployed to production.

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