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Like other medical organizations across the United States and Canada, we know you are juggling the need for information access with issues such as privacy and security. Patient data is an obvious concern, but what about volunteers - is your volunteer data as secure as your other systems? Your volunteers are required to provide medical information such as proof of immunization, and that data is HIPAA regulated. What about Joint Commission: can you quickly and accurately retrieve volunteer records for an accreditation audit?

Simple pay-by-the-month (or worse: pay by the number of volunteers!) solutions are great for small organizations with no need to store PHI, in fact we've recommended it to organizations where it's appropriate. But - and there's a big "but" - how many really understand healthcare?

  • No control of your information, including HIPAA-protected data.
  • Phone support?
  • Expensive in the long haul if you have lots of volunteers; penalizes you for success.
  • Lack of features, limited built-in reports.

We can help.

Hundreds of hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers and other healthcare organizations will attest to how easy VSys One was to implement, how powerful its tools are, and the quality of its support.

VSys One is the gold standard for healthcare organizations.

  • Phone, e-mail and web support -  freeing up valuable internal IT helpdesk resources.
  • Full compatibility with Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • Data security to support HIPAA compliance.
  • Integration into your existing SQL Server infrastructure.
  • Ability to leverage your current hardware using VMWare virtualization and Citrix.
  • Easy data access to support accreditation audits and other reporting needs.
  • Simple-to-use web-based access for volunteers while you retain control over your data.
  • Use kiosks to let your volunteers check themselves in and out, send/receive messages, even print their own reports, meal passes and parking permits.

Who's using VSys One?

New York and Presbyterian Hospital
Mackenzie Health
AdventHealth Tampa
Kadlec Regional Medical Center
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Queensway-Carleton Hospital
Atlantic Health
Sharp Healthcare