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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Icon /imageicon/windows Is VSys One Windows- or web-based?

    That depends. For organizations using VSys Anywhere, all but a small number of superusers will be solely in a web/browser interface. Others may use VSys One itself, which can be hosted by your IT department or on our secure servers (cloud based) here in the US - your choice. Any number of users can simultaneously access VSys, subject to the number of licenses you've purchased.

    Volunteers can use:
    • VSys Live to sign up, update their profiles, enter hours, take online trainings, upload files, capture stories, sign up for shifts, see their assignments, etc.
    • VSys Web for basic online applications (optional, but included with your license),
    • VSys Live Kiosk for online checkin/checkout using their own devices, and/or
    • VSys Kiosk (touchscreen) for checkin/checkout on fixed devices within your facilities.
  • Icon /imageicon/chat3 What kind of support do you provide?

    By phone, e-mail and web - with US-based staff on the other end of the line who know how to use our software and how to help you run your organization. Training is available on-site and via the web (WebEx); four hours of web-based training is included when you sign up. The first twelve months of support comes with no charge, and includes software upgrades, too. For years two and beyond, you receive the same support at 20% of the initial licensing price per year. Support and maintenance are optional - you can use the software forever - but we think you'll appreciate the support and updates enough that you'll want to continue.

  • Icon /imageicon/accounts How much does it cost? I don't see it on your website...

    We don't put the pricing on our website - not because we're hiding it, but because it varies based on your organizational needs.  Once we know your requirements, we'll give you a quote on the costs and the services you'll need/want. Discounts are available for bulk license purchases. And we never - ever - charge you based on the number of volunteers you want to track: we don't want to penalize you for being successful!

    It's not a secret: we're not the cheapest solution. We don't want to be. Instead we'll provide you with the best live humans from implementation through training into long-term support. And they're based right here in lovely upstate New York.

  • Icon /imageicon/security How secure is my data?

    The primary VSys One database sits on your server, in your IT department, under your control, and no outside access is ever made to that data by us or our programs. Selected aspects (background check requests and results, medical information) of the information in your database can be encrypted within VSys.

    If you choose VSys One hosting, your data is not only in a separate database from any other customers, it's in its own dedicated virtual machine that only you and our support team can access.

  • Icon /imageicon/import How can we import our existing data?
    VSys can import data from a wide variety of sources using the Interactive File Importer. For Volunteer Works, Volgistics and The Raiser's Edge users, we have some special tools which can be used to bulk import all of your data for you, and we do this for no charge. For other solutions, VSys One can import data as well and if needed, we can assist typically for a nominal fee based on the complexity of the data being converted.
  • Icon /imageicon/question Can I get an evaluation copy?
    Absolutely! We'll do an online web demonstration first, this is the best way to have an interactive discussion to show you the features most important to you and get you started. Once you have seen a demonstration, we can provide a 30-day trial with no obligations.