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Sterling Volunteers Integration

As a VSys One client using Sterling/Verified Volunteers for your volunteer screening, you will:

  • Benefit from a Volunteer-Driven Screening Process. Volunteers are empowered to order, manage and own their background check.
  • Achieve Big Cost Savings. Volunteers can pay for a portion, or for entire cost of their background check, or optionally contribute toward the cost of their check.
  • Promote a Volunteer Sharing Community. Through secured volunteer profiles, Volunteers can find new volunteer programs that interest them, and can securely share up-to-date background checks within the Sterling Volunteers network. Organizations receive these checks instantly and at no charge.
  • Get the Highest Quality Screens, Quickly. Thanks to a sophisticated suite of criminal locator tools, Sterling Volunteers' background checks are the most comprehensive and are fully compliant with the FCRA and state laws. After an order is placed, checks are returned to you in two days or less, and updated at no additional charge every 30 days to help identify new criminal records to give you peace of mind.

Plus, the VSys One and Sterling Volunteers integration means you can move seamlessly within your system to communicate with and manage your volunteers - from the very beginning (recruiting) to the very end (impact) and everything in between (screening).

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