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VSys Live Online Training Module

The optional Online Training Module lets you create and manage online trainings for your volunteers and staff. It's a great way to integrate training into your onboarding and compliance process within VSys Live.

Key Features

Create trainings and quizzes using HTML, YouTube videos or PDF documents (converted to HTML) directly within VSys One or VSys Anywhere.
  • Make trainings available to the appropriate volunteers and staff.
  • Automatically scored quizzes at the end or inline with the quiz content.
  • Quickly see reports on completion of training and scores of quizzes, etc.
  • Automatically alert volunteers whenever new trainings or refresher courses are required.
  • All trainings taken - pass or fail - are logged in the volunteer's profile as proof of what they saw, how they answered quiz questions, and when (exactly what your auditors are looking for!)
  • Training results expire based on your rules, and VSys can even optionally give volunteers hours credit for the training.
  • Unlimited training courses, unlimited volunteers!
All from any standard web browser!

Training content

You can create your own training content directly within VSys One or VSys Anywhere.
  • Mixed content: mix and match your own
    • HTML,
    • YouTube, and
    • Vimeo
    ...with quiz questions at the end or within the content itself.
  • PDF: VSys can import your PDF content (which may have started out life as a PowerPoint or other file) to create HTML content.
  • YouTube: VSys Live "knows" how to display a YouTube video; when the video is complete, the quiz will be shown.

System Requirements

Because it's running in a web browser, volunteers can take online trainings from any device supported by VSys Live, including:
  • Any Windows or Mac computer.
  • iPhone or other smartphone, including Android.
  • Modern tablet such as iPad or Android tablet with Chrome browser.

The VSys Live Online Training Module is an optional add-on for VSys Live, and does not require any additional technical requirements.

(icon) Training online tutor

We use the Online Training Module as part of our on-boarding process for new volunteers as well as to track necessary training our volunteers must complete. It has saved us time in our on-boarding process as volunteers can read the Volunteer Handbook on their own before completing the Volunteer Handbook quiz online. Prior to using the Online Training Module volunteers had to complete the quiz in person, producing too much paperwork.

Now we can run a report to see which volunteers complete the training and which volunteers we need to follow-up with. For almost all of our required trainings the Online Training Module makes it much easier to track and remind our volunteers of any outstanding trainings they must complete.

Macy Reed, Director of Volunteer Services